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Founded in 2014, Abac Capital is an independent advisor of Private Equity fund managers. Based in Barcelona, the firm advises Abac Solutions Manager S.à r.l. on investments across the capital structure of solid Spanish businesses that require financial support or capital for growth.

Abac founders bring to the partnership over 70 years of investment experience in a myriad of industries, countries, stages of development and balance sheet structures.

Collectively, the partners have advised, managed and exited over € 2.7 billion in equity and debt-like instruments in over 30 companies.

Abac Capital is the exclusive advisor of Abac Solutions Manager S.à r.l., manager of all Abac Funds, which mainly invest in Spanish mid-sized companies. Abac Solutions Manager S.à r.l., as fund’s GP, is the decision-making body for the fund and makes investment and divestment decisions based on recommendations from Abac Capital team.

In Abac Capital, we believe that we add value to the companies the funds back through operational excellence, strong personal and professional relationships, deep industry knowledge and financial acumen. Thus, and in order to align our interests with the funds investors, we commit our wealth to our investment advise as we invest alongside fund investors.

We think long term and we take the business seriously and responsibly. Thus, we put our hearts, heads and pockets behind the businesses we back, while we share our success with the other stakeholders.

The funds have the mission to invest profitably in solid Spanish medium-sized companies that require long term flexible capital solutions.

We set our focus mainly on the industries we know well and where we have previously made money for investors: Consumer, TMT, Services, Industrials and Energy.

We like solid cash flow positive businesses led by great teams that face complexity like transitioning, overlevered balance sheets or lack of liquidity to fund their growth.

Abac Solutions funds do not invest in real estate or in operationally distressed situations.

For more information about Abac Solutions investment criteria:

We believe that we add value to the businesses we back and are proud of the way we conduct business. Some reasons why teams choose to work with us are:

Integrity: we never compromise as we see integrity as non-negotiable. We always do the right thing even if it takes longer or costs more. We believe in the PRI investment guidelines and we do not take shortcuts, as our reputation is our most valued asset.

Experienced team with a successful track record: Abac Capital founders have excelled investing together in a variety of situations for over 15 years. We devote our depth of experience to ensure that we understand each particular situation properly and we plan the optimal solution together with the funds. Abac Solutions Manager is one of the very few Southern European private equity firms focused exclusively in medium size businesses that face complex situations.

Committed capital behind our ideas: we always put our money where our mouth is. We always coinvest with the fund’s L.P.s and management teams as we truly believe this is the best way to align our interest and focus on long term value creation.

Long term relationships: the funds are committed to support businesses throughout the cycle to make them succeed. We do not speculate. Once the funds commit to a business, they are loyal to their teams and help them execute the agreed business plan.

Certainty of Execution: once we decide we want to go ahead and recommend a deal, we commit the resources and senior attention across the entire firm and the necessary capital from the funds to ensure the transaction closes timely and fairly. We have a simple, fast and structured decision making process, that delivers clear feedback during the execution phase of a deal.

Strong partnership with portfolio companies: when the funds invest capital in a business, it is only the beginning of the journey. We are a hands-on advisor that supports the management teams, who are a core part of our team, to develop their plans and execute their strategy. Our operating partners provide in-depth analysis and seamless execution skills to get the job done. Our boards of directors have clear agendas, long term focus, and encourage bold capital expenditures to improve and expand the businesses. Our investment team is constantly looking for add-on acquisitions and growth opportunities consistent with portfolio companies strategy.