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“Abac Capital launches Abac Nest with a group of entrepreneurs to invest in Spanish start-ups in the seed phase” (05.02.2018) More

“Abac Solutions takes control of CASUAL BEER & FOOD, a branch of HEINEKEN SPAIN dedicated to catering” (15.01.2018) More

“PronoKal Group acquires the Italian SDM” (12.01.2018) More

“Abac Solutions acquires Plating Brap” (11.01.2018) More

“Abac Solutions acquires PronoKal Group” (03.04.2017) More

“Abac closes its maiden fund at €320m” (30.05.2016) More

“Abac invests €10m in Figueras International Seating” (30.12.2015) More

“Abac funds acquire Metalcaucho, an auto spare parts company” (04.08.2015) More

“Committed by a healthy weight, from PronoKal Group Mexico: commitment and medical support are the solution” Gente Bien Nacional (06.02.2018) More

“Abac Capital launches a seed capital vehicle” Expansión (06.02.2018) More

“Abac and the co-founder of Fractus join forces to invest in seed capital” La Vanguardia (05.02.2018) More

“Experts foresee reactivation of the purchases and sales of companies after braking in Catalonia” Inversión & Finanzas (18.01.2018) More

“Figueras International: Acquisition of a British company of telescopic bleachers” Expansión Catalunya (18.01.2018) More

“Metalcaucho accelerates the entrance to new markets especially of Asia” El Punt Avui (14.01.2018) More

“Purchases and sales for 3,215 million” Expansión Catalunya (05.01.2018) More

“Metalcaucho, owned by Abac Solutions, reinforces its team with a manager of Sasic” Expansión (20.12.2017) More

“CAPCorp 2017: The private equity sector is recovered” Capital & Corporate Magazine (12.2017) More (p.40-42)

PronoKal Group: “More than 35% of those over 65 suffer from obesity and over 45% overweight” El Economista (29.11.2017) More

“Metalcaucho presents its new range of injection kits” (27.11.2017) More

Interview with Borja Martínez de la Rosa, founding partner of Abac Capital, at CapCorp 2017 (20.11.2017) More

“Metalcaucho expands its family of turbo hoses with 74 new references” (20.11.2017) More

“Figueras, the leader of the seats, acquires the British Zoeftig” Expansión Catalunya (13.11.2017) More

“PronoKal Group invests 7 million euros in research on obesity” Style By Shockvisual (09.11.2017) More

“Metalcaucho renews its catalogue of distribution kits” (26.10.2017) More

“The big funds show in the City their concern about the drift of Catalonia” Expansión (18.10.2017) More

Abac, in the supplement ‘Quién es Quién’ of Expansión – “Private Equity: the sector, in full swing” Expansión (10.2017) More

“Opening of PronoKal Space” Norte en Línea (25.09.2017) More

Figueras International Seating: “The ‘Teatro Principal’ (Zaragoza) premieres seats and season” Heraldo de Aragón (25.09.2017) More

“Metalcaucho convenes a meeting with Russian distributors at MIMS Automechanika Moscow” (24.07.2017) More

“Private equity funds aim for a record year of investment in Spain” La Vanguardia (24.07.2017) More

“Mergers and acquisitions soar more than 84% in Spain” El Periódico (09.07.2017) More

“The Catalan Government promotes a cluster before the loss of weight of the financial sector” Expansión Catalunya (06.07.2017) More

“Metalcaucho and STC attended Autopromotec 2017” (03.07.2017) More

“PronoKal Group consolidates expansion with a new opening in Costa Rica” PMFarma (29.06.2017) More

“Metalcaucho strengthens its Quality Department with two new incorporations” (27.06.2017) More

Figueras International Seating: “The dramatic play of seats” El Punt Avui (12.06.2017) More

“New Design Centre Figueras International Seating by Miriam Castells Studio” A As Architecture (07.06.2017) More

PronoKal Group: “New treatment for weight loss reaches Costa Rica” El Mundo CR (28.05.2017) More

“Private equity starts the year strongly: it grows 36% through March” Cinco Días (26.05.2017) More

“Metalcaucho launches 185 references of turbo sleeves for more than 3,000 applications” (17.05.2017) More

“Abac acquires 100% of Catalan PronoKal together with the management team” Capital & Corporate (05.2017) More

“Abac advised by EY on PronoKal deal” Iberian Lawyer (04.05.2017) More

“Abac Solutions buys PronoKal Group to double sales” Catalunya, El Economista (02.05.2017) More

“Abac hopes to get Spain in shape with PronoKal acquisition” Real Deals (20.04.2017) More

“The fund Abac buys firm of food supplements per thousand mdp” El Financiero (16.04.2017) More

“Figueras: Mobile armchairs for the Liceu” Expansión Catalunya (11.04.2017) More

“PronoKal Group presents its new PnK method to the Mexican medical community” Neo Health (09.04.2017) More

“The fund Abac and the management team buy Pronokal for 50 million” La Vanguardia (04.04.2017) More

“The owners of Metalcaucho and Figueras buy PronoKal Group” Expansión Catalunya (04.04.2017) More

“Abac buys PronoKal to make it grow in Latin America and Europe” El Economista (04.04.2017) More

“The Catalan fund Abac Solutions buys PronoKal Group” ARA (04.04.2017) More

“Abac enters in the tasty business of the diets when buying the Catalan PronoKal” El Confidencial (03.04.2017) More

“Mergers and acquisitions” Expansión Catalunya (21.03.2017) More

“Figueras deploys a growth plan to double sales” El 9 nou (17.03.2017) More

“Private Equity rubs hands with macro forecasts and looks at the stock market” Capital Madrid (26.01.2017) More

“Metalcaucho aims to have a turnover of 50 million by growing in Asia and Africa” Expansión Catalunya (23.01.2017) More

“Abac raises €320m with its inaugural fund” Capital & Corporate (12.2016) More (pages 16-20)

“Metalcaucho moves to Rubí to double its store” Expansión Catalunya (11.11.2016) More

“Interview with Borja Martínez de la Rosa, Founding Partner of ABAC CAPITAL” Capital & Corporate (08.11.2016) More

“Private equity funds targeting mid-sized Spanish consumer businesses” Iberian Lawyer (26.10.2016) More

“Fundraising: knocking at the LP’s door” Capital & Corporate (10.2016) More (pages 28-32)

“Figueras launches a plan to double its sales after the arrival of Abac” Expansión Catalunya (05.10.2016) More

“Figueras expects to double revenues following the arrival of Abac” Expansión (05.10.2016) More

“Catalan funds raise €1,100m to invest in companies” La Vanguardia (05.06.2016) More

“Spain-headquartered Abac Capital closes debut fund at €320m” Closing Circle (01.06.2016) More

“Abac closes its maiden fund at €320m” Private Equity Wire (01.06.2016) More

“Abac closes its maiden fund at €320m” FTSE Global Markets (31.05.2016) More

“ASM closes inaugural midmarket Spain fund at over $356m” The PE Hub (31.05.2016) More

“Abac closes its maiden fund” Expansión (31.05.2016) More

“Abac closes its maiden fund at €320m” El Economista (31.05.2016) More

“Abac raises €320m for its maiden fund” La Vanguardia (30.05.2016) More

“The Catalan fund Abac raises €320m to invest in Spain” El Confidencial (30.05.2016) More

“Figueras designs new seating for The Alhambra Theatre in Geneva” La Vanguardia (30.03.2016) More

“Figueras establishes a new board after 60% disposal to Abac” Expansión (03.03.2016) More

“Abac supports social entepreneurs joining Ship2B” (19.02.2016) More

“Abac acquires Metalcaucho” Capital & Corporate (08.09.2015) More

“Harley-Davidson General Manager signs up for the Mercadona of the automotive aftermarket. Josep Granyo joins Metalcaucho”. El Confidencial (16.09.15) More

“Metalcaucho, spare parts leader, renews its management team and signs Josep Granyo as new CEO”. Expansion (17/09/15) More

“Mega buyout funds reshaping private equity industry” Reuters (14.02.2018) More

“Private Equity, at maximum” El País (04.02.2018) More

“10 Predictions For Private Equity In 2018” Forbes (24.01.2018) More

“Private equity predicts another record year after moving 4,900 million in 2017” El Economista (16.01.2018) More

“Foreign investment in Spain doubles in 2017 despite the crisis in Catalonia” La Vanguardia (02.01.2018) More

“The secret of a good deal is in the valuation” Capital & Corporate (12.2017) More

“Private Equity investors disregard China’s risks” Expansión (09.12.2017) More

“Investments in private equity exceed 33,000 million in the third quarter” La Vanguardia (07.12.2017) More

“The insurance offers a network of protection to the Iberian ‘private equity’ worth 1,000 million” Expansión (05.12.2017) More

“Private equity funds find strength in numbers” Financial Times (28.11.2017) More

“Europe gains attractiveness for Chinese and American investors” Expansión (26.11.2017) More

“The Government will continue its commitment to private equity” Expansión (14.11.2017) More

“The fight for Spanish companies raises prices in private equity” El Economista (08.11.2017) More

“Spain has reached a historical figure in private capital, according to Ascri” EFE (17.10.2017) More

“CMS European M&A Outlook 2017: 67% of European executives predict an increase in mergers and acquisitions in 2018” (05.10.2017) More

“UK private equity remains strong in the face of Brexit – but London wasn’t the top city for money invested” City A.M. (04.10.2017) More

“Preqin: Private markets funds raise big money in third quarter, but vary among strategies” Pensions&Investments (03.10.2017) More

“The Turning Of The Cycle: Private Equity Fund Performance [Datagraphic]” Value Walk (27.09.2017) More

“The amount of M&A operations in Spain increased by 27.20%” TTR (21.09.2017) More

“Tech Buyout Funds Outperform Since 2000” Institutional Investor (14.09.2017) More

“3Q 2017 Private Equity Analyst Note: Exploring Buyout Multiples II” Value Walk (14.09.2017) More

“Competition For PE Capital Rising As Investor Interest Increases” FINalternatives (25.08.2017) More

“Private Equity captures record amounts and will boost real estate and company prices” El Confidencial (23.08.2017) More

“The private equity sector calls for eliminating the ‘legal obstacles’ to invest in Spain” El Economista (18.07.2017) More

“Private Equity in Spain, launched towards the best year of its history” Vozpópuli (18.07.2017) More

“Preqin: Emerging Market Private Equity Assets Boom to Cross $500 Billion Mark” Chief Investment Officer (17.07.2017) More

“Private Equity already invests more than 3,500 million euros in Spain” Pymes y autónomos (29.06.2017) More

“Preqin: Private Equity Fundraising Getting Bigger And Quicker” FINalternatives (19.06.2017) More

“Mergers and acquisitions up 9% through May, according to TTR” La Vanguardia (14.06.2017) More

“Spanish private equity exceeded €100M of investment in 2016” Marketing4eCommerce (06.06.2017) More

“Investment through private equity grew by almost 200% in 2016” Inversión & Finanzas (30.05.2017) More

“Agreement in the EU to facilitate financing via private equity and securitizations” Expansión (30.05.2017) More

“Private equity fundraising in Europe hits 8-year high” Financial Times (14.05.2017) More

“Investing In Private Equity: Concerns in a hot market” Investment & Pensions Europe (05.2017) More

“Private equity fundraising breaks more records in ‘saturated market'” Investment & Pensions Europe (26.04.2017) More

“China remains the leading destination for private equity in Asia” Xinhua Español (21.04.2017) More

“Private Capital Secondaries Managers Predict Surge In Activity Over 2017” Value Walk (06.04.2017) More

“The mega funds, owners and lords of the secondary private equity” Expansión (05.03.2017) More

“Investors broaden range of alternative assets, study shows” Investment & Pensions Europe (23.02.2017) More

“Spain attracts investors” Cinco Días (15.02.2017) More

“Preqin Poll: Private Equity Competition Fiercest For Middle Market Deals” FINalternatives (14.02.2017) More

“Private equity surge spurs faster auctions” Financial Times (07.02.2017) More

“Private Equity and Venture Capital in Spain in 2016” (01.02.2017) More

“Preqin Private Equity & Venture Capital Spotlight January 2017-2016. Still A Seller’s Market” Value Walk (29.01.2017) More

“Private Capital, with ‘good health’ in Spain” El Mundo (24.01.2017) More

“Technology absorbs one-third of global private equity investment” Expansión (22.01.2017) More

“Private Equity has 4,000 million to invest in Spain” Cinco Días (20.01.2017) More

“The volume of investment of venture capital and private equity grew by 3% in 2016, to 2,992 million” El Economista (19.01.2017) More

“Global Buyout Deals Set For Record Year In 2016” Value Walk (04.01.2017) More

“Spain Is Open for Business: Politics Aside, Spain Offers an Appetizing Opportunity for Investors” Funds Society (28.12.2016) More

“The Year in Alternative Investments: What Happened; What’s Coming” Think Advisor (27.12.2016) More

“The origination, the new challenge of private equity” Capital & Corporate (12.2016) More

“ICO finalises a new round of investment for private capital” El Economista (08.12.2016) More

“Private equity managers double in the last ten years” Expansión (26.11.2016) More

“The 5 Ps of Private Equity: A Guide for LPs and GPs” The PE Hub Network (21.11.2016) More

“European Private Equity commits to responsible investment” Capital Riesgo (19.11.2016) More

“The amount of mergers and acquisitions in Spain increased by 23.1%” La Vanguardia (10.11.2016) More

“What to do to make private equity to finance you” Territorio Pyme (08.11.2016) More

“Private Equity Breaks More Records” Chief Investment Officer (24.10.2016) More

“Private Equity drops by 29%, but foresee a strong rebound” Cinco Días (14.07.2016) More

“The Spanish Private Equity has €3,000m to invest” Expansión (27.06.2016) More

“Private Equity grows 164% in Spain during 2016 first quarter” Inversión & Finanzas (13.04.2016) More

“2016 will strengthen Private Equity’s recovery in Spain” Economía de hoy (19.01.2016) More

“The Spanish Private Equity has 2,500 million to buy out companies” Expansión (16.06.2015) More

“Venture Capital & Private Equity in Spain” ASCRI (15.06.2015) More

“Private Equity raises its bet” El Paí (13.06.2015) More

“Private Equity eludes political uncertainty and attracts foreign investors” El Economista (01.06.2015) More

“Investment activity recovery to pre-crisis levels” Expansión (30.05.2015) More

“Global Private Equity Report 2015″ Bain & Company (10.03.2015) More

“Private Equity places its bets on Spain in 2015″ Expansión (04.01.2015) More

“Spanish Private Equity bullish on investment activity to grow in 2015″ Cínco Días (22.12.2014) More